Contribution to security of energy supplies

Security of supply has always been a top priority at VNG – and it is becoming increasingly important as the energy transition proceeds.

Even when the sun does not shine and wind turbines are at a standstill, electricity and heat must always be available in sufficient quantities. Gas is the perfect complement to more volatile energy sources. This is because gas power plants perform well in terms of high availability and flexibility. But the extensive gas network in Germany and large storage capacity are also guarantees of security of supply.  

As a low-CO2 energy source, fossil natural gas is currently still indispensable for a secure heat supply, especially during this transitional period when coal is being phased out. With a view to the future, we are now working on developing climate-neutral solutions for the energy world of tomorrow, for example by adding green gases to natural gas as part of the process of decarbonisation. 

ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH makes a special contribution to security of supply within our group of companies: As an independent transmission system operator, it not only maintains non-discriminatory network access and contributes to a functioning European gas market, but is also a pioneer for green energy in the German gas network.