VNG 2030+ strategy

Our path into the future

It is no longer enough to look ten years into the future to understand and help shape the fundamental change that is currently looming in the energy sector.

Consequently, we are also focusing on the world of natural gas in the far future: For example, whilst what are known as green gases currently account for less than one percent of total natural gas consumption today, this ratio will be reversed within a few decades – with considerable effects on our business and the entire energy sector.

On the other hand, natural gas can and will continue to play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions in all areas of society and achieving European climate change objectives. At the same time, an interconnected mindset and method of operating will become a key competence across all areas and sectors. Our proactive approach to these and other megatrends is reflected in our VNG 2030+ strategy. This is the key to our future growth – and to a functioning energy system in the future.




We view ourselves as a company proactively shaping the energy transition. In this context, our vision is to make VNG green, digital, and gas-based:

  • Green, because a modern energy system must be sustainable and renewable, green gases will be an important partner for renewable energies.
  • Digital, because smart processes play a key role in integrated energy and in establishing and coordinating infrastructures.
  • Gas-based, because gas is particularly climate-efficient, encompasses numerous technologies for the future and is an energy source that can be turned green.

The goal in sight

To VNG, one thing is clear – even in an increasingly complex energy market, the company wants to offer the right natural gas and energy-related services and products together with its partners and customers. This is why we initiated a group-wide strategy process in 2017 entitled ‘VNG 2030+’. VNG thus has a strategic outlook that is geared not only to business require-ments, but also to the challenging demands of energy policy and society. This is how the company intends to hold its own in the face of intense competition and evolving challenges and fully exploit its earnings potential.

As part of the VNG 2030+ strategy, the company is investing in both the Transport and Storage business areas to strengthen its assets – especially in the hydrogen readiness of its technical facilities. In the Trading & Sales business area, VNG will continue to develop midstream excellence and further intensify customer relationships. Here, too, VNG intends to play a leading role in the procurement and marketing of 
‘green gases’. In the biogas sector, VNG has grown to become one of the largest plant operators in Germany in recent years.

The company is systematically diversifying its activities by developing adjacent and new business areas. In this process, it is focusing on issues that also have a significant impact on the energy policy environment and are important keys to mitigating climate change, enhancing supply security and making headway in the field of integrated energy.

Strategy Update 2020

After four years of successfully implementing our strat-egy, it was recently updated in June 2020.
In this update, we place a strong emphasis on further developing our core business and we take two trends into account to an even greater extent than before

  • on the one hand, we want to focus on the field of digital infrastructures. This is because our core com-petencies in the operation of critical gas infrastructure can also be applied to the transport and storage of data.
  • On the other hand, we are pursuing the goal of guiding and helping to shape the green transforma-tion of the energy market by increasingly aligning our activities with the decarbonised business. This in-cludes, above all else, maintaining our substantial growth of recent years in the biogas sector – because biogas is currently the only carbon-neutral gas that is already regionally available in large quantities. Hydrogen has also been a fixed part of the company’s strategy since mid-2020 as a promising energy source with excellent long-term prospects.

The difference  to previous years is that we are preparing to take the step from concept to implementation starting in 2021. With flagship projects such as the real-world labora-tory in Bad Lauchstädt, we want to demonstrate that we are a technological pioneer and carve out a posi-tion for ourselves as a major player in the value chain of carbon-neutral gases – always with the aim of con-tributing to a decarbonising economy and society as a successful gas supplier.