Full speed ahead. Together. 

Decided to accept a new job with VNG? Brilliant. We look forward to you joining us! While you’re waiting for your first day at VNG, we’ll already be getting things ready for your onboarding. Because we want you to have the best possible start with us, find your feet quickly and settle into your role well. To help you dive into the world of VNG, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information for new starters in the meantime. 

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1. Telefonat mit Ihrer Personalreferentin

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2. Infos zum ersten Arbeitstag

Icon Datum-vormerken

3. Ihr erster Arbeitstag

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4. Fachliche und soziale Integration

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5. Weitere Vernetzung

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6. Feedback & Entwicklung

Hello VNG!

As soon as you’ve signed your employment contract and returned it to us, your HR adviser will get in touch with you. They’ll tell you everything there is to know about joining VNG and they’re more than happy to be contacted with any questions or concerns.  

And to help you really hit the ground running on your first day at work, we’ll prepare your workstation for you. We’ll put together the necessary hardware and software, organise your access permissions, prepare your staff ID card and take care of any special work clothing you need. We’ll also plan your initial training in advance and draw up a structured plan, tailored specifically to you. 

Hello first day at work! 

Your first day is all about making sure you feel welcome and get settled for a start. 

You’ll receive a warm welcome, get to know a lot of new people and be given a comprehensive information pack about our intranet, interfaces and points of contact. Our digital training tool, the VNG Training Campus, also provides a wide range of training options and workshops and provides extra help to ease you in to things. 

Hello team! 

You team will already know you’re coming and will be looking forward to you joining them. You’ll get to know who does what, who’s in charge and find out who you’ll be working closely with on a daily basis. Your team will support you in all aspects of your new tasks, in an open, straightforward and helpful manner, with the necessary dose of good humour thrown in for good measure. So you’ll quickly become a valuable member of the team.  

We’ll also partner you up with an experienced colleague as part of our mentoring programme, who, in addition to your colleagues and superiors, will accompany you through your initial time with us. You can ask your mentor anything, absolutely anything. 

Hello network!

We are innovative and act quickly. In our cross-functional communities and competence centres which focus on different topics, we’re happy to try out new approaches and work hard towards our ambitious visions. You’re warmly invited to also share and develop your ideas. 

Hello future!

Once the end of your trial period is in sight, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss how your initial training went. Here you’ll have an opportunity to give us feedback and to address any outstanding issues. And if you continue with VNG, we’ll also use this meeting as a chance to jointly agree your personal development objectives in the company.