Notifications in accordance with the Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (“LkSG”) obliges companies to review their supply chains for possible human rights violations and environmental impacts. Reporting channels play a crucial role in this regard by making it possible to report potential violations of these due diligence obligations. This not only contributes to transparency, but also enables an effective response to any infringements.

We encourage everyone to get actively involved and report potential problems so that together we can bring about positive change along our entire supply chain.

We take the protection of reporting persons seriously. Our company ensures that all reports are treated confidentially.

There are several equivalent ways of reporting:

If you would prefer to send us any tip-offs or information under your own name (non-anonymously), please use this email address provided for this purpose:

or the following postal address:

attn. Human Rights Commissioner
Frau Mareike Kaddoura
Braunstr. 7
04347 Leipzig, Germany

Please note that also when you decide to contact us under your own name (non-anonymously), your information will be treated as strictly confidential. Access to this email inbox is restricted to only a few people. 
Follow the link below to access reporting form, which you are welcome to use for your anonymous report. We would like to emphasise at this point that we will of course also investigate anonymous reports and, if necessary, take all necessary steps.  

To the form for anonymous reporting