Digital Infrastructure business area

The Digital Infrastructure business area is a cornerstone of the “VNG 2030+” strategy. The activities in this segment were previously carried out by various Group companies and holdings that were assigned to different divisions. The newly established business area now brings these activities together under one roof, thus emphasising their great importance for VNG. 

Growth in this area is based on three pillars: In the “core market of digital infrastructure”, VNG is active as an infrastructure operator of fibre optic backbones and as a builder and operator of fibre optic distribution networks (FFTX). In the service sector, VNG offers further fibre optic services such as planning, installation and documentation as well as maintenance and fault clearance services via its subsidiaries.

Facts and figures


established as VNG’s youngest business unit


Group companies and holdings with fibre-optic-based business activities at VNG


FTTX projects for regional broadband expansion