Mission statement

Our mission statement is the common denominator for all subsidiaries of the VNG Group. In line with our corporate purpose which is “We provide energy when and where it is needed”, we define ourselves as a leading energy company with a key role in assuring reliability of supply now and in the future, with a regional identity in our DNA and as a strong regional partner. 

We rely on partnership-based cooperation, entrepreneurial thinking, openness and diversity. We encourage our employees to take responsibility and give them space they need their personal and professional development. Active participation, engagement and thinking outside the box more than just buzzwords for us, but part of every working day. This is something we are very proud of.

Our purpose:

We provide the energy that is needed.

Securing the supply of gas is one part of our mission, transforming the energy system is the second part. “We provide energy when and where it is needed” – our corporate purpose – sums up the two principles. For us it is more than just a catchphrase; it is standard we set ourselves in taking responsibility for the economy and society.


With a commitment that is renewed every working day to a secure, economical and future climate-neutral energy supply, we are helping to shape the gas-based transformation of our energy system. And all the while we provide the energy that keeps our economy running and maintains the quality of life for our society.

The more volatile and fast-moving the environment is, the more important it is to focus on strengths and certainties, and to create a flexible framework that shapes our actions. It is in this context that we formulated our vision. 

The most important guideline for us is the balance between security of supply, economic efficiency and climate protection. Even if we cannot influence all external circumstances, we still want to make them successful.


In our mission we describe how we want to achieve our vision, what is the core of our business and what defines us. This is our fundamental orientation. Some aspects are very central to us, such as the energy network, the will and commitment to transforming the energy system, our focus on partnerships and the strong connection to Leipzig and Eastern Germany.

As a leading energy group with more than 20 subsidiaries, VNG stands for high performance and reliability in the European energy market. We generate, procure and trade in energy, operate systemically critical gas infrastructure and develop all our assets sustainably.

With pioneering investments, we are leading the transformation from natural gas to renewable gases such as biogas and hydrogen as well as the expansion of digital infrastructure. In attaining these goals, we can draw on decades of expertise in transformation processes, on our robustly positive attitude to change and on the commitment of #TeamVNG.

We establish strong partnerships and maintain sustainable networks. With a consistent focus of the requirements of the energy markets and the needs of our customers, we have been and will remain a reliable partner even in times of dynamic developments and global challenges.

As a Leipzig-based company, we feel a strong connection with our home region and make an important contribution to structural change in Eastern Germany.

Untergrundgasspeicher Bad Lauchstädt der VNG Gasspeicher

Foundation of values

We developed our mission statement together with employees from all Group companies and at all hierarchy levels. For us, the values are the essential basis for all our actions.

Our foundational values

Corporate responsibility


In our guiding principles, we have described how we work with each other and our stakeholders, what makes us strong and what competencies we have. They also underline our values and translate them into concrete measures and activities.

UNERRING FOCUS: Quality and reliability are the two principles that inform everything we do. We know that success only comes to those who put in the work and we do everything we can to constantly optimise our performance for our customers. And when the going gets tough, that’s when we really get going.

ECONOMICALLY RATIONAL: In line with our ethos of responsible corporate governance, we act with financial foresight. We invest wisely and make conscious decisions. And we never lose sight of the needs of our customers and the economic efficiency of our energy supply.

MOTIVATING CREATIVITY: We give each other space for personal and professional development. Active participation, engagement and thinking out of the box more than just buzzwords for us, but part of our working day. We value the diversity in TeamVNG and work every day towards our common goals with energy and motivation.

COMMITED TO SUSTAINABILITY: We emphasise our commitment to a green future by acting sustainably in the environmental, social and economic dimensions. Treating our employees with respect and using resources sustainably are intrinsic values in our corporate culture.

SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER: Mutual trust, respect and flat hierarchies are the basis of our cooperation: both with external partners and within VNG. We see the creation of added value for all stakeholders as a prerequisite for shared success.

RESPONSIBILITY AND AWARENESS: We take responsibility – for our actions and in our role as an enterprise. We are aware of the consequences of our decisions and constantly reflect on these. We are also committed to active cooperation: within the Group, in the region and in society.

CONSISTENTLY DYNAMIC: Change is in our DNA. The dynamic nature of global trends and our own demands on ourselves act as a continual impetus. We recognise opportunities and take advantage of them; we listen and learn actively. Even in an inconstant environment, we stand for security and reliability.

SOUNDLY INNOVATIVE: Drawing on a wealth of tradition and experience, we are boldly stepping out on the path to a digital and decarbonised future. Our innate curiosity continuously drives us to question the status quo and broaden our horizons. This creates the space for us develop as individuals and at the same time grow as a community.