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VNG-Geschäftsbericht 2022


Hier finden Sie alle Informationen rund um die Bilanzvorstellung zum Geschäftsjahr 2022.


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Joint statement by the Executive Board and the General Works Council: “Stop the war!”

We are living through a historic moment in Europe. The German government is speaking of a turning point. The previously unimaginable (for many of us) has become reality. The Russian army, under the leadership of the Russian government, has invaded Ukraine in breach of international law. We are profoundly alarmed by the Russian government's military action and strongly condemn the Russian war of aggression in the heart of Europe. Our thoughts, sympathy and solidarity are with the citizens of Ukraine who are courageously resisting the invasion of the Russian army and are now threatened with flight, exile and death. [..]

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Achieving carbon neutrality with gas

Fuelled by groundbreaking political decisions, the trend towards decarbonisation once again picked up speed in 2020. As a consequence, attention has increasingly focused on renewable energy sources and carbon-neutral gases in recent months. At the same time, there is widespread agreement that natural gas will be a major component of the German energy mix until 2030 and beyond. 



  • YARA and VNG with commitment for cooperation in ammonia
  • Financial statements for 2022: Successful crisis management as the basis for a stable outlook
  • VNG subsidiary BALANCE acquires 40th biogas facility

Green. Digital. With gas.

With the Group strategy "VNG 2030+" we describe our path into the future.