What we stand for

The components ‘Versatility’, ‘Network’ and ‘Gas’ in the name of VNG are still the cornerstones of our activities even after more than 60 years. Guided by these foundations, we develop our company further based on expertise.  

On the way to becoming a large group operating across Europe, we have always succeeded in remaining true to our values and further building on the strengths of the company. And today, as active participants in the energy transition, we are concerned with integrating a new variety of gases into an energy system that is as CO2-free as possible. We consistently pursue this path by driving forward promising innovations and by using our know-how in partnerships. In all of this, we stand by our regional roots, which we express through our extensive social commitment. 

V = Versatility

Diversity is our strength. Within the group, VNG has a broad portfolio of services that cover the majority of the gas value chain. 

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N = Network

VNG is the third largest gas storage operator in Germany and is also responsible for a 7,000 km high-pressure pipeline network in the new federal states (former East Germany). 

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G = Gas

Whether as a bridging technology or in a regenerative form, with our gas-related services we are driving decarbonisation and actively shaping change.

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Innovations & cooperations

The business of VNG thrives on visionary ideas and the excitement of innovation. 

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