Social commitment

From the region, for the region 

As a company, we have close ties to central and eastern Germany, in particular to the city of Leipzig. This rootedness is multi-facetted: For VNG, being a socially responsible operator means that we are firmly committed to the future of the energy system and to secure jobs, including in view of the potential from decarbonisation, particularly in the former East German states. We want to grasp these opportunities as one of the leading energy companies in the region.  

In addition, being socially responsible also means that we identify with the region, beyond the business, that we support initiatives and projects, and are active for the common good in collaboration with institutions and citizens. After all, wide-ranging social commitment has been part of the DNA of VNG since the very beginning. 

For Open-mindedness and democracy

The basis for a sustainable energy supply is a stable political, social and economic framework that enables Germany to be an internationally attractive and competitive location. A functioning democracy and the free and pluralistic competition of opinions and ideas are essential for us to fulfil our social mission of ensuring a secure supply of gas and actively driving forward the energy transition.

To the statement

"As a structurally important company, we also want to invest in the future viability of the region. At the same time, we are aware that a democratic, cosmopolitan and diverse society is a prerequisite for success in the competition between regions in a closely integrated Europe."

Bodo Rodestock
Member of the Executive Board, Finance & HR

Helping the helpers – together for the community 

Charitable work in the community is an indispensable part of our society. That’s why we support the Verbundnetz der Wärme initiative through the VNG Foundation. The initiative champions over 200 members and supports social projects run by volunteers in Germany. The aim of Verbundnetz der Wärme is to boost the profile and understanding of voluntary work in society and politics, and to actively support the work of volunteers. In this respect, VDW sees itself as a representative, network and platform, where members have the opportunity to connect and interact with one another. In addition to the many campaigns that take place over the year, the network chooses six VDW ambassadors every year – our shining examples of voluntary engagement. They receive funding from the VNG Foundation, support for their PR work and for realising their projects. 

In 2020, the year of coronavirus, Verbundnetz der Wärme, in conjunction with the VNG Foundation and via 20 associations, was able to provide quick assistance without any red tape under the motto ‘Helping the helpers’ and provide helpful support to voluntary workers during the difficult circumstances.  

In 2021, Verbundnetz der Wärme celebrates its 20th anniversary – and therefore 20 years of commitment to volunteering. 

VNG Foundation

The majority of our activities have been brought together under the VNG Foundation since 2009, benefitting in particular children, teenagers and young adults in the areas of science, education, art, culture, sport and social projects. Also in 2020, against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully carried out a relief campaign for the first time in order to preserve economic diversity in our region.

Logo Verbundnetz der Wärme

The Verbundnetz der Wärme initiative has been boosting the social profile of volunteering since 2001.

Close collaboration in science 

Another focus of our Foundation activities is on collaboration with respected research and educational establishments and scientific exchange. To this end, we have been cooperating with a number of universities and research institutes for many years, including Leipzig University, the HHL Graduate School of Management, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, and the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. Through these collaborations, we support courses of study, award scholarships and are involved in a number of studies and research projects. One example of our investment in the future and in the next generation of scientists is our commitment to the Deutschlandstipendium support programme. Each year we award scholarships to particularly committed and talented students from Leipzig University and Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. This also allows us, in no small part, to strengthen our network with science and open up opportunities for further collaboration, for example further joint studies or research projects. 

Logo Deutschland Stipendium


For us at VNG, social responsibility means much more than successful survival in the energy industry and the safeguarding of viable long-term jobs.

VNG Campus

VNG Campus supports international collaboration between universities, research and education in the energy industry. 

VNGart – sign of the times

The promotion of East German art has played an important role at VNG since the 1990s. The company regularly creates a forum for regional artists to ex-change ideas and present their work to the public through collections of young East German visual art and photography, calendars, exhibitions and books. Through these activities, VNG aims to promote the development of creative industries in eastern Germany and make a lasting contribution to the documentation of the transformation process after German reunification. The works are also integrated into the architecture and furnishings at the company’s headquarters, creating a prestigious backdrop and a unique working atmosphere. Today, the VNGart art collection comprises over 1,100 works of art, including 220 paintings and drawings and more than 890 photographs.