VNG welcomes update of the National Hydrogen Strategy


We at VNG AG welcome the updated the National Hydrogen Strategy published today. Hans-Joachim Polk, Chief Technology Officer of VNG AG, commented:

Hans-Joachim Polk, Vorstand Infrastruktur/Technik bei der VNG AG

“Hydrogen is a central building block in ensuring the success of the energy transition. We therefore very much welcome the official presentation of the revised National Hydrogen Strategy today. Significantly, decarbonised hydrogen has now been included alongside green hydrogen. This is crucial for the rapid and successful ramp-up of hydrogen use, and to meet the forecast demand for hydrogen in Germany. 

It is also gratifying that federal policy makes provision for the development by transmission system operators of a supra-regional core hydrogen network. An efficient hydrogen infrastructure is a prerequisite for the secure supply of hydrogen. What is now needed is an ambitious hydrogen storage and importation strategy to holistically shape the future hydrogen economy and achieve the decarbonisation targets by 2045.

In order to quickly advance the hydrogen roll-out, it is important that the targets and objectives formulated in the updated National Hydrogen Strategy presented today are promptly incorporated in a robust legal framework. As investors in and implementers of the energy transformation with a focus on Eastern Germany, we need this legal clarity to create financial plannability for our investments connected with ramping up the hydrogen economy. For our part, with the objectives embodied in our “VNG 2030+” strategy and projects such as the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park, we are ready to go.”

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