Biogas – clean as a whistle

Biogas is an important domestic and renewable en-ergy source and harbours great potential for the suc-cessful implementation of the energy revolution and a carbon-neutral future. Similar to hydrogen, the opti-mal form and use of this energy source depends on the energy policy framework in place in the various sectors. As one of the largest biogas producers in Germany, VNG is committed to making this green en-ergy source a more important part of a sustainable energy economy.

Clear benefits

The benefits are clear: biogas can be used directly in combined heat and power plants on site to generate green electricity and play a role in maintaining grid stability when a stable base load is required or load fluctuations from renewable energy sources need to be balanced out – after all, it is always available and can be produced and stored regardless of the weather. It also plays a prominent role in the success of the heating revolution. For example, it can be used to generate a supply of heat in the immediate vicinity  of the biogas facility. Purified into biomethane of 
 natural gas quality, it can be fed into the existing grid, significantly reducing carbon emissions in the gas supply.

Sustainable regional economic cycles

In addition to modernising its locations by investing in state-of-the-art technology and process optimisation, BALANCE is also adapting to the conditions in the respective regions. The VNG subsidiary is now integrated into regional economic cycles throughout Eastern Germany and in some areas of Northern Germany, thus strengthening rural communities and work-ing closely with farmers in many places. This is because the suppliers of the fermentation residues used by the farmers and the sales markets for fermentation residues are usually located within a radius of a few kilometres around the plants.

Partnerships of this kind are also key to solv-ing challenges in agriculture – in addition to the use of farm manure, for example, it will be possible to utilise a greater range of crop vari-eties in the future and thus contribute to bio-diversity in agriculture via the input materials of biogas facilities. BALANCE intends to expand its activities here in the coming years through further projects and partnerships.

Biogas - eine saubere Sache


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